Wellness Challenge

Cairns Fitness Training
6 Weeks to feel full of life.

1st March 2020

We all go through stages in our life where we forget to make ourselves a priority.  We no longer feel driven and inspired. 

This is when it’s time to make a change to feel ALIVE.

Fact – Working out gives you endorphins, clarity, energy, health and so much more.
Fact – Being in nature makes you feel better emotionally and it contributes to your physical wellbeing by healing, soothing and restoring.
The benefits of both are incredible.

Wellness Challenge.

The Wellness Challenge will involve three gym sessions per week, to work on our strength and fitness.
A weekly fitness adventure making the most of living in beautiful FNQ.

We will work on changing habits and we will share healthy recipes on an online support group.

6 Weeks of fun and fitness.
Let’s do this.

Please email jacintamaypink@gmail.com if you need a payment plan option.
My goal is to help people thrive.