30 Day Challenge

31st August – 29th September


30 days to commit.
30 days to learn.
30 days to work hard.
30 days to set a routine.
30 days to make an impact.
Give yourself 30 days to change.
Come along on the journey with Studio 901 to transform your body and mind.
In this 30 days we will be working hard to boost ourselves into a strong and healthy routine.

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30 Day Challenge Info
A big part of this challenge is learning how to track your macronutrients.
Studio 901 will calculate your macros/calories and teach you what they are, how to track them and tips for tracking.
Once you get started you will soon learn tracking your food is an easy and flexible approach.
Tracking macros/calories takes the guess work out of ‘dieting’ and guides you on a much clearer path.

Everyone can do this challenge, no matter your age or fitness level. You just have to make a start.

Included in the Challenge:
  • 25 Training Days.
  • Bonus Saturday Morning Studio session – 7am.
  • Nutrition with a flexible approach.
  • Measurements & personalised macros/calories. ( Pre, Half way & Post)
  • Macro Guide.
  • Step count goals.
  • Accountability.
If you would like to know more, download the 30 Day Challenge Info Package or contact Studio 901.
Make your move!

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